Charity Event Sun 16 Dec 7-8.30pm

Kirtan is a musical meditation.  Singing and chanting mantras (mind tools to raise your thoughts to a more positive frequency) to all sorts of music and rhythms helps shift you from your busy mind to a more peaceful connection inside.  

Kirtan first became popular in India in the early 16th century.  It was believed that singing the mantras, accompanied by music and rhythmical drumming, would help to further still the mind – the ultimate goal of all Yoga.  More and more people are starting to experience the joy and bliss that Kirtan brings from the madly busy pace of lives most of us now lead.  Its amazing how our defences and thoughts drop when a good tune catches our ear, and music can move us in so many ways. 

By simply repeating the mantras over and over again within the music, Kirtan provides an easy way for us to experience some freedom from the daily chatter of our minds.  As a group, singing Kirtan together starts to synchronise our breathing, our movements, our voices, and the feeling in the room starts to lift, so even if you've had a bad day, and sit in the room without personally participaing, you'd still benefit and feel the shift inside. 

No musical ability or experience is needed, nor any previous experience of Kirtan.  Open to everyone, and family friendly so you're welcome to bring children, and its great fun.  If you can breathe, you can practice Kirtan! Come breathe, sing, move and dance with us.

Lead by Julie and Victor who are both passionate about the benefits of Kirtan in its ability to heal and elevate our hearts and minds.  Both are long-time accomplished musicians, and ongoing students of Kirtan with world-famous Kirtan star Jai Uttal.  They've also performed with international kirtan artist, Dave Stringer

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