Beginners Course with Julie

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New to yoga? Not sure what its all about or how to get started? My Beginners Course is the perfect place to begin your yoga journey.

This course will help you become more flexible and steady in body and mind, as well as less stressed, more energised and balanced. You'll also learn lots about the foundations of yoga, how it works, and how you can take the valuable teachings into everyday life giving you a great toolkit for life off the mat! Yoga is open to everyone and everyBODY

Here's a recent 5* review from a 'graduate' of the course
"Just finished a beginners course with Julie and signed up for the next one. I have always wanted to start to practice yoga but with so many different types I wasn't sure where to start . The last 7 weeks have been amazing and I have learnt so much about myself in that short time . Every lesson left me feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and happy . I've learnt how to deal with everyday stress , I'm sleeping much better, I'm eating better and I'm very aware or mindful of the abundance of everything that is good in my life . Julie has the most beautiful way of teaching , and she makes the classes very individual so no matter what level of fitness or mobility you have you can feel comfortable to go with what's right for you . I highly recommend these classes . This lovely lady has changed my whole way of thinking " - DB, Belfast