Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga - Ballybeen Womens Centre

Fridays 10:00am - 11:00am

Chair Yoga is a wonderful way for people with physical limitation to experience the relaxation and increased flexibility that yoga brings. Many health benefits are seen with regular yoga practice, and now everyone can participate, provided they can sit in a chair, (including a wheelchair), even if they cannot get onto a floor mat. The classes are open to all ages, however, are most suitable for seniors, and those who'd be unable to practice in a regular yoga mat-based class on the floor.

These specially modified classes include specific sequences to free up the joints and gently stretch muscles to increase flexibility, improve bone density, manage and prevent arthritis, improve strength, balance, and circulation in a gentle way with very low impact. Improved balance is a key factor in helping to reduce the risk of falls. Proper breathing helps develop the tools to deal effectively with stresses and worries, can improve high blood pressure, and deeper breathing has a soothing effect on the whole nervous system, as well as improving lung capacity.

Learning the techniques of proper relaxation bring about a calmness in both the body and mind, giving a great sense of physical and mental well-being. All chair yoga classes with Yoga Belfast are taught in a fun, friendly, supportive non-competitive environment where everyone is encouraged to practice safely at their own pace with their body just as it is. A great way to make new friends, learn new skills, and feel great in your body and mind. You're never too old to start enjoying the benefits of yoga, and many of our chair yoga students began their journey in the their 80's and higher.