Debbie G

In 2007 I had surgery to remove tumours from my neck.

This left me with a lot of nerve and muscular pain in my right shoulder. Apart from the pain the movement of my shoulder and arm was quite restricted. This has been much improved by attending and practicing Chair Yoga.

I was fortunate to learn of the Chair Yoga class held at Ballybeen Woman's Centre and I joined the class as I knew I would be unable to manage traditional Yoga sessions.

The Chair Yoga class involves a range of exercises for the whole body and I have found them most beneficial not only for my shoulder but have learnt different methods for relieving discomfort in those other areas of the body which suffer ' ageing ' aches and pains. I believe that the breathing techniques in yoga which are applied in conjunction with exercise enhances the overall benefits of the process.

The Chair Yoga class is professionally conducted by Julie who has the ability to provide sessions which vary each week ensuring that you never get bored. The classes are very enjoyable, good fun and give you the opportunity to meet with new people.

To learn the correct breathing and exercises to suit your own range of movement provides you with a 'tool box' of techniques which you can take away with you to continue your practice at home.”