Sarah F

I was a relative newcomer to yoga when I discovered I was pregnant with my first baby, I had only really undertaken some beginners classes.

As an anxious first time mum to be I was eager to continue some form of gentle exercise that would benefit both me and the baby. Julie's pregnancy yoga classes did just that. From exercises that helped to overcome some of the aches and pains that come with territory, right through to breathing techniques to use during labour, the class was a truly invaluable experience that I'd describe as a must for anyone, no matter what their yoga experience, expecting a baby. A great chance to have a chat with and meet other mums to be, but my own experience of the class was always the enormous sense of calm that I felt afterwards. I had bonded with my baby in a very special and personal way. When we discovered baby number two was on the way, I was delighted to be going back to pregnancy yoga to do it all again. I can truely testify that a relaxed and happy mum makes a relaxed and happy baby - I have two yoga babies to show for it!