Unplug, Relax, Unwind - Self-Care Sundays

18 November 2018

Do you long for a couple of hours where you can just unplug  from your devices, and from the daily challenges, responsibilities, and pace of life? Self-care means giving yourself time to pause. Its neither selfish, nor indulgent, but a necessity for true health and well-being. When you take time to unplug and replenish your body, mind and spirit, it allows you to step back into your life with more connection , energy and clarity, and to serve yourself and others from a place of fullness and wholeness.  

At these monthly sessions we'll take time to reset the nervous system, and nurture the body and mind with gentle  flowing movements, slow conscious breathing, meditation, yoga nidra for deep relaxation and healing, aromatherapy with pure essential oils, inspirational readings, and time for some quiet reflection, contemplation and inquiry. We'll end a warming cuppa together and handmade healthy treats.   

Open to all, no yoga experience needed. Pre-booking is essential as places are limited

SUNDAY 18th NOVEMBER @ Maitri Studio 10.15AM-12.15PM

Investment: £25  Click here to book your place